Aero dBuz

Noise Control Without Altering The Music

What is dBuz?

Noise Control Without Altering The Music

Aero dBuz is a unique device that removes, without altering the music, 99% of the buzzing noise which occurs when you lift your hands off the strings of your instrument. dBuz fits into the product category of noise control, a major problem for musicians, which receives little industry attention. dBuz is literally plug and play because it's incorporated into a standard instrument cable, requiring no modifications to gear or instrument. dBuz is a product every musician should use, because whether the ground noise is persistent or intermittent, dBuz eliminates it automatically.


dBuz is a ground noise solution and will not cancel common mode, power supply, microphonic or other noise. It also works for bad bridge grounds, Aluminum bridges (notoriously hard to ground), plastic coated strings, acoustic instruments, upright bass, improper or over-shielded instruments, and will cure many ground loop problems. dBuz can be purchased direct from Aero for $55.00 each, in 10 , 15, or 20 foot lengths.. 90 degree phone plugs are an option.

dBuz is a a more effective ground, and electrically safer than the standard instrument bridge ground for 2 reasons:

1. dBuz includes a current limiting circuit.

2. The standard instrument bridge ground, when AC power hot is wired to ground, and the musician is gripping the neck, the electric current will flow through the bridge ground, into the metal strings, and cause the muscles of the hand to contract, what's known as a "death grip," because they won't be able to uncurl the fingers and let go. Current then flows through the arm, chest, heart (and all other major organs except the brain) towards the feet, and earth ground. dBuz CAN'T cause this problem! dBuz is designed to be worn on the hip, and fails open circuit. Even in the extremely unlikely event it fails short circuit, the sensor is located below all major organs, so there'd be a bad sting, but pulling the insulated sensor cable easily removes the sensor, and it WOULDN'T KILL YOU! Because the standard bridge ground is so dangerous, Aero recommends removing it entirely and using only dBuz. A standard bridge ground is 100's of times more dangerous than dBuz.

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